"Cui bono?" (Who benefits from crime?)

Cicero 70 B.C. (Roman lawyer and philosopher)


A unique tax background

• Chartered Global Tax Practitioner

• Chartered Transfer Pricing Specialist

• Chartered Anti-Corruption Consultant

• Chartered Risk Analyst

• Global Tax Lawyer

• Adjunct Global Tax Professor

• Certified ISO Auditor

• PhD International Taxation

• Head of Global Tax & Legal

• 36 years’ experience within tax and VAT

Dr. Knut Olsen is a chartered anti-corruption advisor and a certificated ISO auditor on anti-corruption and provides support on:

  • ISO 9001 certification on anti-corruption- & bribery according to ISO 37001
  • Establishing anti-corruption documentation, routines, procedures & internal control
  • Mitigating corruption risks
  • GAP analyses
  • Manage compliance function
  • Manage internal control function
  • Internal training
  • Implementation
  • Internal investigation world-wide
  • Internal control and review on foreign subsidiaries
  • Establishing routines for whistleblowing